Hearing Aids

Because Well-Hearing is Well-Being

Reconnect With the World of Sounds

At Auricula we understand that hearing loss can be both frustrating, and isolating. With the Techmi BasePro, you can restore your ability to engage with the world around you, and foster deeper connections to the people and activities that matter most in your life.

Why Auricula?

Natural, True to Life Audio

With features like directional microphones and cutting-edge noise reduction technology, our hearing aids are designed to deliver a natural, true to life audio experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect your hearing aids wirelessly to a variety of devices, like smartphones, tablets and computers.

  • Stream audio directly from your devices to your hearing aids to enjoy music, podcasts and other audio content with clarity and ease.

  • Take phone calls directly through your hearing aids without the need for a separate headset or earpiece.


Fine tune your hearing aid's settings to your specific preferences to achieve optimal hearing performance, all from our hearMore smartphone app.

In-App Hearing Testing

With Auricula's innovative hearMore app, you can administer your own hearing testing, on your own time. Save yourself a trip to the doctor without sacrificing your well-being.

  • Personalized noise suppression

    Minimize unwanted background noise like traffic, wind, or crowd noise while preserving the clarity and naturalness of speech.

  • DSP Sound Enhancement

    DSP (digital signal processing) works in real-time, allowing your hearing aids to automatically adjust to changing listening environments and optimize sound quality.

Built-in, rechargable battery

No need to worry about constantly replacing disposable batteries, or carrying spares around with you. Simply charge your hearing aids overnight and be ready to go in the morning.

Explore the components that help you hear better